Tom Carder - Owner/Operator

Tom Carder has been the owner/operator for Finishline Floorcare since 1996. He is retired Military and Aviation 20 years. He has served as an adult Boyscout leader for 12 years and is an Officer with Fraternal Lodge 37 McDonough, GA.

The Best Choice For Your Floor Care Needs

Since 1996, Finish Line Floor Care, Inc. has been offering as many or more cleaning services as the bigger companies and national franchises. How can we do this? Because our employees perform the cleaning thus avoiding sub-contracting. This gives us the full control of the day-to-day operations.

As a Finish Line Floor Care client, you have the advantage of obtaining multiple commercial cleaning services under one contract with a single point of contact, making it easy for you to outsource these functions without administrative headaches.

Finish Line Floor Care, Inc. does not require contracts and is happy to do any floor cleaning job on an as needed basis.

- We Provide Rigorous Training For New Employees
- Licensed, Certified and Insured Cleaning Services
- Scheduled Quality Assurance Inspections
- Annual Price Guarantees
- We Use Green Safe Products
- We Do Not Sub-Contract
- No Franchising-Family Owned & Operated
- Background Checks on All Employees

If you run into the situation where you have some concerns about the received cleaning services-your concerns will be addressed and corrected if need be. After all, we are a cleaning service provider, this is what we do for living. We want to earn our pay by providing the high quality cleaning services as well as superior customer service.